Brand is more than the logos, the colours — it’s an identity, a symbol of who an individual or organization is. A brand is a precise, specific, simple representation that encapsulates the beliefs and ambitions that guides an individual or organization. The power of a brand cannot be over-emphasized and every brand should have a rallying call that encourages people to unite around a common purpose or idea.

For almost five years, we’ve been helping our clients develop and nurture brand identities that communicates their uniqueness. As a full-suite branding service, Linkadot Business Solutions combines strategy, design, copy, advertising and research into creative brand consultancy.

Are you struggling to unite your corporate culture, project more visibility or gain a deeper understanding of what makes your brand special? Our team of experts explore, analyze and achieve alignment of your objectives, culture and brand so that your company can thrive with absolute clarity.

Whether you’re looking to launch an existing brand, disrupt a category, create a fresh brand identity or you just need help clarifying your message, we can uncover your unique voice, jumpstart your growth and boost your competitive advantage.

When you engage us for your branding needs, you stand to benefit the following: Brand Strategy & Position, Brand Story, Message & Tone of Voice, Logos & Iconography, Brand Guidelines, Brand Look & Feel, Packaging & Product Design, Brand Culture description and many more.

We also design integrated brand experiences that rock the digital world. From designing beautiful web experiences to mobile apps, we’re your go-to partner for all your digital needs.

At LBS, we recognize that an effective brand campaign is certain to grow your business exponentially. So, when you need to run a personal or corporate advert and promotional campaign, you can trust us to create the appropriate exposure for your brand through a mix of campaigns off and online. At Linkadot Business Solutions, visibility is everything and nothing but the best is good enough!